There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passions – in a way that serves the world and you. – Richard Branson

Martina Pavleković

Founder and owner of Yes I Du wedding agency, Wedding Planner and Event Manager



Passion and dedication led Martina to a dreamy job of the wedding planner. Over ten years of experience in event organization, and with truly distinctive eye for beautiful things she turns every wedding event into the masterpiece of ceremony. For Martina any wedding day is a true storytelling, the sculpture of positive emotion, and challenge which is not over until all objectives have been reached. Open minded and ready for any challenge, in her perspective there is no dream or vision of wedding that can’t be succeeded. Word impossible for her only means motivation and new opportunity to show her creativity.

Ideal wedding event talks emotionally, give a dose of a pleasant surprise for newly-weds and their guest. Much as combine a perfect mixture of fine dining, great dance music and a lot of fun and smile from dusk till down. Martina is always up to date with trends in the world of wedding events and ceremonies. Her vision of fashionable lifestyle wedding is part of every event she is working on.

She is a specialist in production of wedding design materials, as well as has a great knowledge in many regions from Dubrovnik to Istria. Unconditional happiness and excitement are two feelings that she wants to feel during the whole wedding day, wedding ceremony, and wedding event she organizes.

In her free time she explores through traveling, loves fine dinning, practicing yoga and enjoys a beauty of nature which also give her inspiration for exclusive wedding ideas. Her daughter Nora is her true inspiration, motivation and love of her life.


Maja Zvono

Wedding Planner and Event Manager


Travel and wedding perfectly go together. Maja’s international experience in public relations and marketing, as well as her life experience
in United States and Germany gave her the opportunity to meet different cultures and traditions. Those experiences  showed her the great spirit of diversity that she gladly applies when planning any wedding event.

The perfect wedding scene should amaze, and tell a thousand words in one second. Maja is a master of history and modern locations in Dubrovnik and other Croatian hotspots. She is also incredible connoisseur for distinctive wedding venues, and wedding open spaces. Her dynamic and enthusiastic spirit is satisfied when she sees the tears of happiness in bride’s and bridegroom’s eyes. Maja enjoys with them every moment on their wedding day and is always ready to make one step beyond for their happiness.

After months has gone and the wedding is still active on the wedding website Maja knows that the wedding was perfect if she still feels the same shudders again like on the day when Yes I Du team made the wedding fully shine.

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