Imagine your perfect wedding day and you are already there…

Your wedding day needs a sparkle and a true feeling of magic. Yes I Du wedding specialists will be there to create and sprinkle the magic all wedding day long.

On the day of your wedding we will be your guardian angel providing discrete support and pleasant presence that will give you the sense of assurance. Everything we planned for months will come true, and all your dreams and visions will guide us till the moment everyone is happy and smiling.

make dream come true

On the day of your wedding we:

  • arrive hours prior to the ceremony to check the final set up
  • direct the vendors with finishing details
  • make sure that everything is set up according to agreed
  • ensure the perfect look of the newlyweds
  • welcome the guests, and coordinate the grand entry
  • take care of stylish wedding decorations till perfection
  • after your pure relaxation at the fullest we ensure that everything is going flawlessly according to the plan
  • direct the flow of the event
  • guide you through all the steps
  • navigate your guests
  • and take care of a positive atmosphere overall.

make dream come true

To make dream come true means:

  • Complete preparations for your grand entry
  • Coordination of all timelines and checklists making sure everyone sticks to the schedule with full attention to the bride and groom
  • Communication with all wedding partners and suppliers
  • Design and setup of the ceremony venue and wedding reception venue
  • Technical check-up of wedding light & sound
  • Babysitting service and pet care
  • Coordination of wedding photography
  • Coordination of music, light, catering and atmosphere
  • Welcoming of the guests
  • Discrete and efficient crisis and emergency management if needed
  • Handling book of impressions

With all the excitement you need to handle on your wedding day it is difficult to think about bridal bouquet, wedding rings, fireworks and party cake timing, and overall guest’s mood.

Your enthusiasm and party spirit are the must for us, and we want you to be present for all those sweet moments of your perfect day. All other details will get our dedication. Your wedding story will have the best of your personal signature and style, and this we promise from the bottom of our heart.

Tailor Made Your Plan    Count Every Detail    Make Dream Come True

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