The more you dream the more beautiful it gets…

When you first start thinking of your wedding day it is likely that your imagination will go far far away. Your mosaic of wishes will overwhelm you in a second. Don’t let your imagination, dreams and desires be put off.  And don’t accept anything less than you deserve on your special day!

Yes I Du team is here to:

  • help You all Your Inspiration grow into Wonderful Wedding Ceremony
  • and Tailor Made Your Wedding Event.

Firstly we start with listening to all your aspirations. Than we help you decide what is most important and explain you in details how much efforts we all need to succeed in dreamed picture of your wedding day.

tailor made wedding in croatia

No matter which type of wedding you prefer; from civil, religious or symbolic wedding, and whatever topic of wedding and scenery you choose we start with giving you the detailed list of procedure our team will need to take, together with administration you should provide. We treat any type of wedding ceremony with tailor made approach. We always find unique features to make your wedding, vow renewals, meet and greet parties, bachelor parties, gala dinners, after parties, after brunches and even whole after weekend a memorable experience for you and your guests.

To tailor made your plan means:

  • Put efforts in creative solutions that will make your wedding event unique
  • Finding a perfect wedding destination in Croatia according your desires
  • Finding the most suitable ceremony and reception venue
  • Make sure that chosen location meets all technical requirements
  • Establishing budget and cost management to suit your option
  • Assistance in a decision making for the optimal size of the event depending on your budget
  • Recommendation of most reliable partners for the wedding event and negotiation with them
  • Price comparisons
  • Information regarding the required documents
  • Creating timeline and checklists
  • Researching all important wedding details for your plan to be clear
  • Practical pieces of advice for all aspects of your destination wedding

tailor made wedding in croatia

After we find your ideal wedding journey and closely decide which way will you take in style, size and special features we create a timetable and clear setup process description. As a result, it will be easy for you to follow the wedding path and to be tranquil at your final wedding destination.

Tailor Made Your Plan    Count Every Detail    Make Dream Come True

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