Romantic Mediterranean Dubrovnik Weddings

A Love story in a romantic Mediterranean gateway, a place of freedom for all senses and through all seasons

Get married in front of spectacular and worldwide famous panoramas of Dubrovnik.

Often praised by the top lists of places you have to see during your lifetime, maybe Dubrovnik is just a perfect wedding destination for you, and a perfect reason to see it in the most memorable way.

Dubrovnik is our home, and we will ensure that it certainly stays home in your heart forever!

dubrovnik luxury weddings

Dubrovnik is a combination of stories and true heaven for all senses. Numerous stories about this masterpiece of art and tradition have already been told. At every step you will discover the unique ambience of this wonderful city. Anyone who has been lucky enough to find themselves in Dubrovnik will tell you same.

This is a place where it seems like time has stopped and fairy tale of past times still lives combined with wonderful sea landscapes and architecture splendours.

dubrovnik luxury weddings

Worldwide recognized tourism brand Dubrovnik stands at the throne of the beauty and fame of exclusive luxury wedding destinations. Gem of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik is perfect blend of history, culture, tradition and love.

The city offers most of all truly diverse locations for Dubrovnik luxury weddings:

  • Sea view terrace of Modern Art gallery
  • Terrace of hotel Excelsior and hotel Argentina
  • Spectacular luxury villas like unforgettable villa Sheherezade
  • Wonderful scene of Vala beach in hotel Palace.

dubrovnik luxury weddings

Popular are also ship weddings. For this kind of wedding adventure we suggest replica of old galleons:

  • Tirena
  • Karaka ships.

YES I DU Destination Wedding Dubrovnik

Can you imagine better cocktail party after your ceremony than a panoramic boat ride around Walls of Dubrovnik enjoying perfect sunset scenes in intimate coves? Or have a spectacular walk down the most popular Dubrovnik street Stradun, and around Dubrovnik historical palaces like palace Sponza and Rector’s palace?

dubrovnik luxury weddings

You will be surprised how impressive is the wedding at St. Lawrence Fort also known as the Gibraltar of Dubrovnik. You will find the Fort on a cliff at outer part of Walls of Dubrovnik standing proudly above sea level. This will for sure be just an incredible experience that is unparalleled with other Dubrovnik luxury weddings locations!

perfect wedding ceremony at Dubrovnik's fortress

We organise Dubrovnik luxury weddings in renaissance castles, cottages, and even caves. When talking about natural spots in Dubrovnik’s surrounding, we can arrange for you some exceptional romantic places.

The old Latin sign at St. Lawrence Fort entrance reminds „Freedom is not sold for all the treasures of the world“. This makes people of Dubrovnik proud of their liberty and history.

We say „Love is the only freedom you will feel walking through the streets of the amazing city of Dubrovnik.“
As a wedding spot Dubrovnik promises you charming and everlasting unique memories!

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