Istria Luxury Weddings

Photogenic villages and fairtyle hilltops in Istria are the best settings for stylish and fashionable weddings

In Istria it is very easy to organize spectacular wedding event in amazing villa with swimming pool surrounded by greenery of hilltops; to have an extra luxury wedding in hotel with sea view; or to experience rustic and chic wedding in one of the agro tourism houses across Istrian landscape.

istria wedding

Istria is a diverse region where you can visit Roman ruins in the morning, enjoy wonderful. Brijuni National Park till the midday, experience tradition in coastal towns in western Istria during afternoon, and enjoy wonderful and worldwide known local cuisine with a view in a hilltop town in the evening.

Everything is so close yet so outstandingly different. Great feeling for details by local inhabitants made the atmosphere in inland Istria luxuriant and extra sophisticated.

istria wedding

It is easy to fall in love in Istrian villages. It is also easy to stay here more that you firstly planned, and sometimes it is unspeakable difficult to leave this magical countryside and return to everyday life and places.

If you are looking after history tales and legends, mediaeval towns, outstanding nature, exceptional vine and gastronomy, great wellness programs and luxury hideaways, adventure trails and tailor made tours then Istria is definitely the place to put on your list not only of holiday plans but also as a perfect wedding destination.

istria wedding

Tuscany like Istrian villages in the inner land with green vineyards, olive groves and truffle forests offers magical settings for stylish weddings.

Here you will find isolated stantias which are perfectly located in a secret places where you can easily party all night long on the open space close to the pools and vineyards. Istrian vineyards are also popular and very scenic places to hold a civil wedding ceremony or symbolic wedding.

istria wedding

Stanzia Meneghetti in Bale town will turn all your wedding dreams in the most beautiful wedding story. It is a sweet little wine hotel in rural style with restaurant, wonderful winery and exclusive spa zone where every detail speaks its own story and gives a sense of extra fashionable wedding worthy of glamorous magazines.

istria wedding

Another beautiful wedding venue is Villa Lav also in the Bale town known for immerse culinary and intimate atmosphere.

Istrian gorgeous coastal towns such as Rovinj, Poreč, Umag and Opatija are among most recognizable wedding towns in Istria offering great wedding venues in some incredibly stylish, traditional, luxury and modern hotels.

The Crystal Hall in Opatija is the most celebrated, oldest and most elegant ballroom, the venue of the most prestigious events in town. It is famous for its impressive crystal chandeliers, richly decorated walls, fine ornaments on the facades, and large windows with a view of the hotel’s fantastic terrace and the blue sea.

istria wedding

Picturesque town Rovinj will amaze you with the luxurious wedding venues in a modern hotel Lone and hotel Monte Mulini, and if you wish to go after more fashionable or bohemian wedding you will find your perfect wedding photo shooting on the Red Island and St. Catherina Island close to Rovinj and looking over the cityscape.

Wedding event in Kempinski Hotel Adriatic, the prestigious Croatian five-star luxury seaside golf-and-spa resort, located in the Umag countryside in northwestern Istria is a great choice if you are in search for a true sense of luxury for your wedding. Hotel is surrounded by picturesque olive groves and vineyards overlooking the Adriatic Sea, and offering ultimate comfort and privacy.

istria wedding

Exclusive and stylish 19th century seafront venue Villa Polesini on the Poreč waterfront is a place of a special charm and refined décor, beautifully landscaped Mediterranean gardens that will make your wedding fashionably unique.

Istrian coastal towns are a great luxury wedding locations where there is also a plenty adventure activities along with trips to the nature which can be a great choice for after wedding day wanderings or special brunches.

Tradition in Istria is impressive and everywhere you go you will notice how locals are proud of their tradition and hand made products. This is what makes Istria a great place to organize stylish and vintage weddings, but also exclusive luxury weddings that can include the trendiest wedding features.

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