Koločep Island Weddings

Evergreen Mediterranean island of ultimate serenity, aromatic and pure beach relaxation, island for wedding in style

Koločep or locally called Kalamota island is the smallest one of the three Elafiti islands on the most southern tip of the Croatian Adriatic Coast. It feels like an aromatic park, secret cove and cultural heaven all in one.

You can reach it with half an hour drive by ferry boat or water taxi from Dubrovnik, and once you step on this island that has only 165 inhabitants you will feel perfectly lost in unbelievable exotic story surrounded by pine and carob trees braided with citrus gardens, small olive groves, abundant island paths, impressive small turquoise bays or amazing Blue Cave that can be explored by swimming to and in it.


On the island there are a number of interesting churches Such as the Church of St Sergius, with the Church of St Nicholas and the Church of the Holy Trinity from the 11th and 12th centuries.

Wedding in a village style or luxury wedding in an extraordinary island ambient are the best option on this heavenly little island.


Looking for some irresistible wedding location choose Villa Ruža restaurant & lounge bar built-in 1930 by a rich merchant from Dubrovnik and dedicated as a symbol of love to his wife. The Villa rises on a seaside rock in a deep shadow of pine trees at the very entrance to the Donje Celo Bay, and stands as unique haven of peace and serenity, and certainly one of the most romantic places on the Adriatic Coast.


Here you will enjoy in fine dining, majestic wines, and elegant intimacy combined with an extraordinary design elements provided by Yes I Du team, as well as stylish ambiance which allows you to organize wedding ceremonies, cocktails and wedding dinners. The fabulous atmosphere is close to paradise experience, or better says Koločep is a true paradise and outstanding world for itself.


Koločep Island will definitely leave you breathless; fill you with peace, aromatic fragrances of Mediterranean plants and the intense color of the Adriatic. Imagine a kayak tour with your bridesmaids, scuba diving or surfing instead of your bachelorette party? The island of Koločep offers truly diverse style of activities for the day after wedding, creating a wonderful experience of relaxation combined with a great party and wedding ceremony.

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