Lokrum Island Weddings

Truly Mediterranean truly unbelievable wedding escape

Outstanding and dreamy Lokrum island full of legends can be found only 10 minutes from Dubrovnik.

Lokrum is a perfect wedding spot for nature lovers, modern Robinson Crusoe and romantic souls who are in search of unique wedding destinations. On the island you can celebrate your wedding day in historical ruins or in a picturesque restaurant with impressive garden able to host more than 200 guests.

Lokrum island gives you the opportunity to follow the legend of Richard the Lion-Heart who cast ashore here after being shipwrecked in 1192 while returning from the Crusades.

When you set foot on Lokrum, you enter the world of mysteries. But only positive ones that together with soulful melody of landscapes call you to sail away to a memorable love story.

lokrum island

Yes, wedding here is a truly unforgettable event difficult to describe with words. “You can hear the white murmur of the whispers of all lovers who have gazed at the stars from this very spot. Hear the rustling of silks and the beating of wings, the sound of poems and the muttering of Latin prayers, as if you were hearing them now in the cloister of the Benedictine monastery. Lokrum is under a spell, a spell that you cannot hope to undo”, wrote Luko Paljetak, famous Croatian writer and academic about the island of Lokrum.

Here you will find plants from all ends of the earth. The tradition of bringing exotic plants continues today in Lokrum Botanical garden with interesting collections of eucalyptus, cactuses and succulents from all around the world.

lokrum island

Part of unusual scene here is also a little lake called the Dead Sea Lake, the star shaped fort Royal Fortress, and many paths and hidden trails.

Spectacular and rare scenes on the island of Lokrum are definitely amazing peacocks showing off their plumage, an array of butterflies, and even more rabbits which along with peacocks present the symbol of Lokrum.

lokrum island

Island’s animals walk freely and are very people friendly giving a realistic and a little wilderness dose to your fashion wedding style. This is the true natural art that will create amazing scenery for a wedding photo shooting.

Your perfect wedding ceremony, wedding party or even secret wedding can be easily held on Lokrum.

Some of the most stylish venues are:

  • restaurant Lacroma which can host up to 400 people
  • Palm Garden as one of the most spectacular wedding venues in Dubrovnik region
  • Olives Garden for a perfect natural wedding
  • Fort Royal which stands on the highest peak of Lokrum island.

lokrum island wedding

Here on the island you can also have a unique wedding dinner in Benedictine monastery ruins, which is truly amazing and fashionable.

The Game of Thrones production team used the island of Lokrum as a stand-in for the city of Qarth near the Jade Sea, which is visited by Daenerys Targaryen in season two. Some of the garden scenes were filmed in the botanical gardens on Lokrum and in the Former Benedictine monastery.

Dreamy Lokrum is also a Nature reserve of forestry vegetation and due to its magical solitude deserves to be called one of the most romantic wedding destinations in the world. Thanks to its privacy possibilities it also one of the most amazing luxury wedding locations where you can get almost everything you can imagine and dream of.

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