Enchanting beauty of Croatian Nature Parks is a treasure of unique wedding destinations

Adventurous and in love with nature?

You deserve your wedding day to be organized in harmony with your soul and eye for beauty and grace, and what more to ask when you experience natural wonderlands in Croatia!

Croatian eight national parks are a great challenge for any wedding planner but as our voyage of discovery never sleeps we are ready to take you to the heart of chosen park and make your wedding a fairy and glamorous as you can only imagine.

national park wedding in croatia

On our way through those nature wonderlands we cooperate with the greatest connoisseur of the parks and therefore can promise an event far away from civilization but with everything needed for a perfect wedding day. The most popular Croatian National Parks are Plitvice Lakes, followed by Krka, Brijuni and Paklenica. Others that are more than worth of visit are Kornati, Mljet, Risnjak and North Velebit.

Plitvice Lakes National Park – Rustic-chic wedding under waterfalls

Idyllic Plitvice Lakes will take your breath away. Imagine the scene: clear turquoise lakes, gigantic cascades and waterfalls falling into them, trails that lead through the aromatic forest and dreamy mountain meadows that offer views of that fairytale landscape.

national park wedding in croatia

There is not any picture taken at Plitvice Lakes that didn’t turn as a masterpiece of colors. Magical freshness of this place simply turns even a short visit into deeply relaxing holiday!

If you imagine your wedding day in a wooden shelter or maybe in some rustic interior Plitvice lakes could be the great choice. Hundred year old woods and the melody of waterfalls will make an extraordinary sound effect for your wedding event, and countryside spirit with pristine beauty of Plitvice nature create totally different environmental wedding.

Brijuni National Park – Bohemian wedding on your own island

Brijuni islands – heaven on Earth with greatly preserved ecosystem, and historical heritage that tells thousand of stories. The Brijuni islands lie off the southwest coast of Istria in the vicinity of Pula.

Essences and climate on the islands are truly amazing and its coastline will make you wonder why you can’t just stay here and live a life so close to everything urban but still far away in easy mode with a lifestyle of a princess. The truth is that on Brijuni islands you can easily feel like a princess. All you can imagine can easily be brought to you from a 15 minutes distant mainland.

Brijuni consists of 14 islands and islets and offers gorgeous wedding venues and magnificent atmosphere. Brijuni archipelago ranks as one of the loveliest in the Mediterranean, and once was the meeting place of the European and world jet set and stars who find a perfect hideaway here, among others Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida.

Krka National Park – Stylish wedding in wilderness of river Krka

Picturesque Krka National Park named after Krka River that runs within the park gives the place spectacular panoramas surrounded with sea breeze and wilderness touch.

The national park is located in Central Dalmatia, only a few kilometers northeast of the Šibenik. Seven magnificent waterfalls, interesting archeological sites and cultural features are just a part of the story of this magical park. The park is opened for visitors all year long, and can be toured by water, road, and bike trail or with an attractive educational hiking trail.

Krka is worldly known marine ecosystem and recognized by true eco tourism lovers.

National Park Mljet – Classy wedding in the castle of the old Mediterranean metropolis

National Park Mljet in the far south of Croatia is often referred to as the most beautiful Adriatic island because it has some truly rare sites – a lake in the middle of the island, and an island in the lake with a castle on the island, a Benedictine monastery from the 12th century.

This almost surreal image seems to have been extracted from the most beautiful stories. According to one of these stories, Mljet was part of Odysseus’ route and nymph Calypso kept him in captivity there.

Picturesque bays and turquoise clear water on the island with many traditional villages give the sense of the old Mediterranean metropolis where time almost stopped.


  • The Moonstone landscape of Kornati National Park – perfect setting for your wedding photo shooting
  • Canyons of National Park Paklenica – unforgettable spot for your vintage wedding
  • Mountain peak phenomena of National Park Risnjak – make an adventurous wedding photo shooting
  • UNESCO site of North Velebit National Park – spend your after wedding day in wonderful nature landscapes
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