Zagreb Luxury Weddings

Urban Mediterranean spirit for wedding with perfect blend of culture, history and modern vibes

Zagreb is a city of hidden treasures, city of numerous museums, colourful markets and parks, innovative restaurants and vibrant street life that is the main reason why city is taking a part on many top lists of European best city breaks.

Abundant historical places, pavilions, Gothic churches, medieval parks in the city centre, theatres, galleries and squares make an ideal coulisse for romantic but also fashion and lifestyle weddings in urban style.

Feature that makes Zagreb different from some other bigger urban metropolis in Europe is that special charm and classy lifestyle that make you feel like you have all the history and tradition in one hand, and playful street atmosphere in other hand while enjoying positive vibes and spirit of young and enthusiastic citizens.

With its cultural mix, stunning architecture, an incredible number of green spaces, world class museums, innovative restaurant and bar scene for all budgets and a wide range of accommodation choices, Zagreb is a city that reaches out for everyone in search for profound holiday.

The romantic locations in the city, and perfect wedding settings for stylish photo shooting:

  • at the foot of the Medvednica mountain like 13th century Medvedgrad Fort
  • picturesque park Maksimir
  • centrally located park Zrinjevac with its ornamental pavilion
  • or romantic Zagreb Upper Town streets.

Outstanding classy and luxurious venue for stylish weddings:

  • the prestigious and the oldest hotel in Zagreb – hotel Esplanade with its glamorous Emerald Ballroom.

Best venues for fashion weddings:

  • Modern Lauba gallery
  • sophisticated Mimara Museum are best venues for fashion weddings.

zagreb wedding

Casual weddings and weddings surrounded by beautiful nature:

  • Equestrian Club Trajbar
  • Golf & Country Club
  • impressive Marincel venue – open air venue with the pool area
  • Kraljev Vrh with its beautiful mountain area
  • or Eko Park Kraš – beautiful rural but still modern venue only 20 minutes from the city centre.

zagreb wedding

Best places for Urban City Weddings:

  • modern and luxurious restaurants Matis, Spoon, Apetit and Dubravkin put
  • exclusive Wine bar Bornstein
  • and popular city lookout Zagreb Eye – a unique event venue.

zagreb wedding

No matter the size of your wedding celebration, season of the year or how formal the wedding will be, in Zagreb it is very easy to find the perfect wedding venue. The so-called city of the million hearts is a great place to organize romantic, fashion or boho chic wedding, it gives an opportunity to be close to nature or to make a celebrity-like wedding by the swimming pool in some popular villa close to the city.

Zagreb’s scene is incredibly diverse, and you can be assured that your wedding photo book and wedding website will look amazing with scenic public areas as coulisse. Lively, colourful, modern; from artistic places, industrial zones to cultural spotlights, Zagreb cosy and positive atmosphere is first of all ideal setting for weddings in style.

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