“You have to be unique, and different, and shine in your own way.”-  Lady Gaga

Times are changing and there are more and more gay and lesbian friendly places and atmosphere in Croatia to choose for your iconic wedding destination and same sex marriage.

It is known that LGTB couples think outside the box when exchanging vows, and here in Croatia you will find an extraordinary outside the box places to turn your moments into precious memories.

same sex marriage

From allure wedding scenery in Dubrovnik, stylish party venues in Hvar, Mediterranean beach style cocktails to the romantic hideaways on exotic islands; it is up to you to tell us your vision and what makes you happy and fulfilled.

same sex wedding party

Don’t forget that same sex marriage in Croatia can also have a built-in honeymoon component if you choose to stay after your guests leave. Celebrations can vary from intimate to grand in size, unique and diverse in wedding venues and extra creative in style and wedding design. Ultimately you want to look back on your wedding, however simple or extravagant, with cherished thoughts that will turn on lifetime memories.

same sex marriage

What you need to know about the same sex marriage ceremony in Croatia:

  • Croatia recognizes life partnerships for same-sex couples through the Life Partnership Act, making same-sex couples equal to married couples in everything except adoption.
  • Civil Partnership Act adopted in 2014 allows for same sex couples to marry in the Croatian official registrar.
  • The procedure for legally binding for the same-sex partnership is identical to that of civil marriage.
  • The civil ceremony takes place at the Registry Office or at the venues outside of the official premises, but this affects the price.
  • The couple has to submit the required legal documents prior the wedding ceremony. The documents may not be older than 90 days prior to the wedding.
  • All documentation is required to be original or certified copies and translated into Croatian by the relevant authorities.
  • The official ceremony lasts no longer than 15 minutes.
  • It is possible to exchange personal vows during the ceremony.
  • It contains no religious elements or anything with a religious connotation.
  • By the law, two witnesses are required.
  • The ceremony is performed in Croatian language.
  • The presence of an officially authorized court interpreter is required, if either the bride or groom does not speak Croatian.
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