The only thing I need is the love of my life and some secret place to elope to…

Some couples can’t imagine getting married in front of the mass of people with all the ceremony and hype.

Some just want to elope to the perfect place where only two of them will celebrate their secret vows.

But choosing the nearest and dearest can also be organized as a secret wedding. Planning in advance and reason for your family to travel to Croatia is enough to go through with the secret plan you imagined. The easiest part is the reason, as for coming to Croatia it is easy to count million reasons. For suspicious ones we can always make an extra reason and motivation.

secret wedding

When it comes to planning to elope and stay secretly married, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • If you tell one person, assume you’re telling everyone.
  • If you really can’t deal with the idea of letting down your parents, decide if they would react better to being told before or after the elopement.
  • If you plan to invite your parents or best friends be prepared to tell them a really good story why they must travel now and there.

There is no point in inviting too many different people as this will quickly turn from secret to classical wedding. It’s important to note that an elopement or surprise wedding might take less organizing than a larger, more public wedding but as for the legalities, it is no different.

Finally, once parents and friends will have to know about your secret wedding. Maybe a wedding photo postcard from Croatia is a perfect way to tell your wedding story.

What you need to know about the secret wedding in Croatia:

  • Elopement or secret wedding can be religious, civil or symbolic.
  • Wedding legalities takes the procedure depending on the type of legal binding (religious or civil wedding).
  • If there will be only two of you and you would like to have a legally binding wedding, we can organize two witnesses for a legally valid ceremony.
  • Depending on your aspirations, it takes time to plan venues, and collect all the paperwork, and no matter of your fast elopement take time for planning.

Have fun in your secret world of love! Yes I Du team is with you wherever in Croatia you imagine to elope.

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