“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo da Vinci

Symbolic ceremonies have always been a fabulous, hype-free way to marry abroad, offering couples the freedom to create the perfect wedding day in their ideally imagined location.Nowadays symbolic weddings become even more popular due to their simplicity, and since they not require any legal documents.

Difference between a symbolic wedding ceremony and a civil or a religious wedding is that it has no legal value, and it simply consists of personalized vows and ring exchange or tailor made story in your own style.

Cliff by the sea, secret bay or remote beach, and flower filled garden or behind waterfall hidden spot; just spend your wedding ceremony without having to worry about legal requirements and restrictions.

symbolic wedding ceremony

A symbolic wedding ceremony can be celebrated almost anywhere in Croatia and Yes I Du wedding planner team can find you a perfect hideaway to please all your dreams and imagination. Symbolic wedding is always tailored to a couple, and is a great way to celebrate the bride and groom personalities and style while making their perfect day simply memorable.

Facts about symbolic ceremony in Croatia:

  • The ceremony is not legally binding.
  • There is an endless choice of beautiful, natural, sea view venues where we can organize a symbolic ceremony.
  • The ceremony can be fully personalized using favorite songs, personal vows, themes, religious elements, poetry etc.
  • A Symbolic Marriage certificate (not legally valid) is signed during the ceremony by the couple.
  • The symbolic ceremony can be performed by a family member or by a celebrant in English, or, upon request, in the native language of the bride and groom.
  • Since there are no legal requirements, bride and groom don’t need to arrive 2 – 3 days prior the ceremony. You can come a day before your destination wedding.
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