You don’t need a special reason to celebrate your love. Make your wedding day alive again and create a new eternal memories…

Vow renewal at the destination of your choice is the perfect way to reaffirm the love and commitment to your partner.

Croatia with its everlasting romantic sunsets, seaside panoramas and natural beauty spots is a great choice to say YES hundreds of times, not only once.

What is even more inspiring in Vow renewal ceremony is that it requires no legal procedure. Therefore it can be fully personalized and tailor-made.

Special anniversary such as 10th, 15th, 25th or 50th years of marriage is a wonderful reason to tell the world your love is even stronger now. What is more beautiful than making the party for your friends and family celebrating together all the beautiful moments you spend with the love of your life.

vow renewal

Renewing the vows sometimes may seem as cliché and kitschy event. For those who believe in a real life fairytales, and always search for a deep romance, telling vows again and again is just another symbolic moment in their life that leads to even more commitment.

What you need to know about the vow renewal ceremony in Croatia:

  • The ceremony is not legally binding.
  • It is requested by already married couples.
  • The ceremony can be fully personalized using favorite songs, personal vows, themes, religious elements, poetry etc.
  • The symbolic ceremony can be performed by a family member or by a celebrant in English, or, upon request, in the native language of the couple.
  • A Vow Renewal Certificate (not legally valid) is signed during the ceremony by the couple.
  • Since there are no legal requirements, “bride” and “groom” don’t need to arrive 2 – 3 days prior to the ceremony, you can come a day before your vow renewal.

With so many creative options for vow renewal your imagination can easily be turned on a higher level. You can personalize it in every detail. Add some life remembering stories, videos, appearance surprises, choose your best friend, child or grandfather to perform the ceremony… Or even engage some famous person to be your host for the vows moments.

vow renewal

Since you will exchange vows don’t just recall the original ones but always aim to write new ones. The ones that will have those special meaning enriched with years of love.

Add the date of vow renewal or meaningful quote to your bands. Think of the songs that turned the fire in younger days. This is the time to be emotional and humorous but also to take the party in your hands and rule the dance floor.

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