Natalia & Lowell

July 13th, 2016.

When Natalia & Lowell contacted us, they knew that their ceremony has to be held at a historical venue decorated with natural and mediterranean elements. Simple, elegant and romantic. They came to Dubrovnik in October to make a site inspection and choose their locations. Reception was to be held at Hotel Exclesior`s Palm Terrace with seafront, breathtaking view of the Old town port. To be there and look towards the town was as to hold the entire City at the palm of the hand while enjoying under the palm trees. Simply stunning.

The ceremony took place in a stone, Gothic-Renaissance Sponza palace located at the very heart of the Old town, yet few steps away from the Terrace.

The couple: Natalia & Lowell

The wedding location: Sponza palace & Palm Terrace, Dubrovnik

Wedding date: 13.07.2016.

The wedding team:

Photography: One Day Studio

Make-up: Face the day by Mia Jugović 

Event–planning: Yes I Du

Ceremony venue: Sponza palace

Reception venue: Palm Terrace, Hotel Excelsior

A day before the wedding, they had cocktail at the Villa in Mlini, while the day after the event, they chose to make the Elaphiti islands cruise. At the wedding day, Natalia and Lowell walked from the Excelsior hotel to the Sponza. But, lets rewind it a bit. After getting ready and meeting at the terrace, our bride was very emotional and overwhelmed seeing her Lowell. Wearing her elegant, lacy wedding dress and a transparent veil that fitted perfectly, Natalia looked like a princess. In this manner, she and Lowell walking hand in hand aproached their venue. Along the way, they made a photoshooting before having a ceremony: at St, Dominic`s church stairs, Ploče Gate, Stradun. The photoshooting contuinued after the ceremony, in front of the Rector`s Palace and in the narrow and colourful streets of Dubrovnik. After meeting at the venue, Lowell was the first to walk down the isle.

The curious and smiling boy and a girl, Natalie and Lowell`s lovely children walked carrying the rings. The bride with her mother walked in next. After walking her daughter to the isle, she gave her hand to Lowell and the ceremony started. The decoration was Mediterranean with fresh lemons inside the vases, white peony, olive and babybreaths arrangements standing at tall cubes. Not to forget the olive branches, representing peace and tradition emerged in the bouquet encompassed with rich white peonies. All in all, white & olive green in colour, elegant and very naturally combined with the ambient. After the touching and emotional ceremony, their wedding planner Maja surprised them with laurel wreath to wear for the reception. So Natalia and Lowell wore a laurel wreath smiling surprisingly and exchanging love glances, holding hands with their children.

Soon afterwards, the guests headed to the reception were some interesting and moving corners were prepared. The tables were decorated with mediterranean plants and as a favour, they picked sweet orange peel packed with ther name tag on the top. Everthing was natural, organic and typical for the area of Dubrovnik so that it blended perfectly in the atmosphere. Tablecloths and chair covers were white decorated with lemon and laurels, while the name tags were written in gold in the middle of the laurel leaf. They also placed in memoriam corner with photographs of their loved ones as well as the guestbook.

As the sun was setting down, the bride and the groom came to the venue and the dinner started. A surprise for the guests was a corner with hats and sun shades and a description: Don`t get blinded by our love, take some shades! Party vibe was in the air. Big and elegant palm trees wrapped with tiny lights surely gave a cozy and elegant feeling. The guests had their speeches, danced through the night and even fired the sprinklers wearing hats and shades.

It was an excellent idea for both children and their family to have real fun. This party under the palm trees was an excellent way to celebrate love, hapiness and this big day for Natalia, Lowell and all the invitees.