Paula & Marvin

When Costa Rica meets Albania and decides to wed in Croatia – see what happens next! This heart-warming, romantic and lovely wedding of Paula and Marvin took place in Sponza palace for the wedding ceremony while the wedding reception was set up at Hilton Imperial hotel. Precious moments were captured and memories created with the professional eye of Nina&Stanko from Ninaphoto. Hair stylist was Nikolina Čikato from L&P Hair Salon, while  make-up arranged Mia Jugović. All  was assembled in Paula`s suite apartment at hotel Hilton.

The couple: Paula & Marvin

Wedding venues: Sponza Palace / Hotel Hilton Imperial

Wedding team

Hair: L&P Hair Salon

Make -up: Face the day by Mia Jugović

Photography: Ninaphoto

Event planning: Yes I Du

Ceremony venue: Sponza Palace

Reception venue: Hilton Imperial Hotel

Paula & Marvin`s wedding ceremony took place at Sponza Palace, a monumental venue located at the very heart of the Old town. They contacted our wedding planner in October and started their adventure of gathering family and friends from Costarica /Central America and Albania/southeastern Europe all the way to Dubrovnik. The wedding preparations upon arrival started with a toast. To long life, prosperity and the force it joins us all together – LOVE.

Being a young, romantic and easygoing couple that fell in love while studying in America, Paula and Marvin decided to have a smybolic wedding at the unique town often called the Pearl of Adriatic. They married in the Eternal city – Rome but organized a wedding for the family, friends and guests in Dubrovnik. At the wedding day, Paula entered the suite at hotel Hilton while Marvin and his friends chose to make final arrangements at a nearby Villa. The preparations soon began, the details as well as major things such as hair, make up and flower arrangements ( white and light brown peonies) while the bridesmaids, friends and wedding planner Maja gathered to make every detail, either big and small, just perfect. Great enthusiasm and warmness were the best companions for this wedding and could be easily considered the highlights.

Maja (wedding planner & coordinator): Paula and Marvin as a young and beautiful couple were very enthusiastic and easy-going.. Their warmness and relaxed approach helped me in the planning process. Thanks to their feedback, nothing was too much stress or concern so I could say that the communication was open and easy.

The weather conditions to start the ceremony were perfect, the sun was shining lightly, the town wasn`t overcrowded so it enabled the wedding to evolve smoothly. The bride started to approach the venue and was passing through the main street Stradun, before reaching her ceremony venue. She was rather enthusiastic and excited just before walking down the isle with her father. After assembling in the atrium of the Palace, the first people to walk down the isle were the bridesmaids and groomsmen in couples, followed by the ring-bearer and flower girl. The guests were applauding happily. In the next moment, Paula was there, approaching her future husband Marvin who was rather calm and smiling. After the ceremony, they sailed on the wooden boat around the Old town. That was a fantastic opportunity to relax a bit and talk to the friends about their impressions while making a panoramic cruise of the Lokrum and City walls. Cocktails like mojito and sangria were served on the boat.  Marvin and Paula went afterwards to have a photo-shoot in the Old town, while their guests proceeded to the wedding reception at Hotel Hilton Imperial.

The choice for a wedding dinner was Hotel Hilton Imperial hall since Paula and Marvin wanted to have different types of dance music, without any restrictions. The choice came up to a band that played salsa since Paula comes from Costa-Rica and desired a typical music for her region to follow the party. On the other side, Marvin also desired national music adjusted to his tastes. It is interesting to notice that the bride prepared three wedding dresses during each stage of the wedding process, since it is a part of Albanian tradition. So she began with a classical, beige sateen dress for the ceremony, afterwards she changed her outfit to a white, elegant dress for the party, while the third dress was a sweet short and also in white, but she changed only two during the day and night. In this way, Paula showed her respect towards the Albanian tradition, from which Marvin belongs. It was her ticket into his world and a way to show how much she appreciates and respects him.

The setlist for the band was relaxed, good for dancing. While the band performed the songs, the atmosphere in the hotel got really friendly and nice since the party just began. All the families joined together while the beats followed their union through the night. The party in the Hotel lasted until 1am. The favours Paula and Marvin chose were aromatic bath salt in the glass, made by Croatian team from  To have and to hold, based in Zagreb.

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