Anousheh & Shayan

The couple: Shayan & Anousheh

Wedding location: St. Lawrence fort

Ceremony, reception and party venue: St. Lawrence fort


Shayan and Anousheh contacted several wedding agencies and picked Yes I Du planners thanks to our personalized approach and openness to new ideas, as they said. They desired to have the most special venue with a high level of exclusivity. Only one venue in Dubrovnik had it all. St. Lawrence, a fortress standing alone on a 37 meters high rock was their choice since it offered privacy and much room for every step of their wedding. Since that point, their wedding story started to assemble. St. Lawrence or Lovrijenac, as locals call it, soon proved to be an excellent choice since it could be completely rented for 24 hours and completely privatized.

Family and friends of Shayan and Anousheh gathered from almost every continent of the world to celebrate this very special day. As a thank you gift, this location provided an excellent view of the Lokrum island, City walls and the Srd hill on the north side.



Wedding team

Photography  & Video making: One day studio

Lighting: Fifi Sound

Music: DJ +  Zac the Sax 

Catering: Hotel Dubrovnik President

Design and dcoration concept: Yes I Du agency

Flowers & rentals: Ballroom

Hair stylist: Hair by Ana Vukas

Make –up artist: Personal

Event-planning: Yes I Du agency

Cruising around the Old town port with a speedboat offered our couple to relax and have a nice overture. Afterwards, they made a photosession in the historical city center while their guests were coming slowly to the venue.

What the guests mostly didn`t know was that more than hundred steps are a way to reach the location. So, the idea was to put funny sentences to make it easier for them, such as: Almost there! At least you got that workout you were planning to do this morning.

The bride also had a changing room up above the fortress because there was a plenty of room to make the space as private as it can be. When the entire setup and decoration were prepared, it gave St. Lawrence fort a completely new look. It looked like a fairytale venue, that just waited for its protagonists to arrive and take their place. The ceremony was very touching, rich in decoration and completely personalized, communicated in two languages. Shayan and Anousheh`s friend was officiating the ceremony.

White and gold dominated as in flower arrangements being roses and orchids, chair decorations, transparent golden plates and golden cutlery that added a special touch to the tables, and many, many  other details. After becoming newlyweds, Shayan and Anousheh enjoyed having a cocktail at the highest terrace of the fortress and then had a dinner at the lower floor.

Dinner started with toasts and continued in a smooth and gentle manner. Moreover, everyone went one floor down to the lounge and party area to see to bride`s and groom first dance. Having an entire fort just for them, they had fun dancing, chatting and making photographs of the venue and guests. They danced the night away, while enlighten in all kinds of colors that really gave the spirit to the event.

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