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A lovely photo from a countryside wedding in Konavle, next to Dubrovnik. The whole scene looks like Tuscany. There are fairy lights above them and you can see a stone house in the background. Everyone is laughing together.


Weddings can be overwhelming, especially when planning abroad. We pay close attention to your wishes and the details. While giving you our honest opinion, you will always have our support.


By working closely with you, we will plan everything from design to logistics, making sure you have that much needed peace of mind for your big day. Our goal is allowing you to fully relax by taking care of all the small and big elements that make the full experience. From our very first contact until the finest final details, we offer nothing less than a full wedding planning service.

Wedding planning is a full time job and not everyone has the time to fully immerse themselves in this process. That’s what we are here for!


This image shows a popular Dubrovnik wedding venue: Sponza palace. This is a Persian wedding, the decoration is white and stunning, next to the couple are two fake white trees - very special.


What we create is an experience: of course it’s going to be beautiful, the colors will be aligned, the stationery impressive and the flowers stunning, but above all it’s going to be memorable.


To create something authentic, we need as many ideas from you as possible, your Pinterest board and inspirational photos. The more we have, the more we can do.

Other than reflecting your own style in the design, we will also make sure it’s perfectly incorporated into the selected venue to create a natural flow.

We invested a lot of our time and resources into the experiences and equipment that we have now, in order to be able to follow all current trends.

Dubrovnik terrace wedding, in the background is Lokrum island and we can see a wedding reception set up among the palm trees.


There are important details we advise you to think about when planning a destination wedding, starting from the form of ceremony, atmosphere of the evening or even wedding week in general.


Day of…

For your big day, you will need to choose the type of ceremony.

There are three main types of ceremony which are considered the most common ones: civil, symbolic and religious.

Evening of…

A combination of emotional speeches, entertainment, cute moments, wedding details, a celebration of love and an unforgettable party!

Before & after…

Destination weddings tend to turn into wedding weeks and weekends. We will support all of your activities and ideas, and help you use the most of the destination, wherever in Croatia you choose to celebrate.

Bachelors & bachelorettes, meet & greets, rehearsal dinners, relaxed beach days, excursions, day after brunches, evening before drinks, adventurous boat trips, historical tours to get acquainted with the destination, themed tours, like the ever popular Game of Thrones tour!



Civil ceremony

  • Legally binding: Yes
  • Conducted by: The Registrar
  • Duration: 15 minute


Symbolic ceremony

  • Legally binding: No
  • Conducted by: A Celebrant, family member, friend…
  • Duration: Can be fully personalized


Religious ceremony

  • Legally binding: Can be with additional procedures
  • Conducted by: Usually a Catholic priest
  • Duration: 30 minutes without mass, 1 hour with mass


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Weddings can be overwhelming, especially when planning abroad. Because of this, we pay close attention to your wishes and the details. While giving you our honest opinion, you will always have our support.