Why should you book a Destination Wedding?

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It becomes a Holiday

There is no doubt about the fact that destination weddings are something truly special. Whether it’s a destination you’ve been to many times and is close to your heart, or a destination you’ve never been to before but always wanted to – it’s just not the same as getting married locally. You and all your guests will definitely stay longer than just the one day and naturally this will become a holiday for you all. Surely you know plenty of people who mentioned wanting to visit Croatia but just haven’t had the chance to do so – why not give them this opportunity? Croatia has that famous Mediterranean feel and vibe, but it’s not as expensive or competitive as some other locations, being a fairly newly discovered gem. Dubrovnik has so much to offer: you can spend quality time with your friends and family during fun activities or amazing gourmet experiences. The Sun and the Sea will make your Croatian destination wedding one that you’ve always dreamed of, and will always remember! Of course, all that with the help of a Croatian wedding planner.

It becomes a Honeymoon

Why not connect your destination wedding to your honeymoon? Just continue travelling after spending time with your guests and spend precious time with each other instead. Often after a Dubrovnik destination wedding, our couples will flee to one of the nearby islands: perhaps it’s the breath-taking and lively island of Korčula, or it could be the quaint paradise of Pelješac peninsula. Or if you’re not an island person – you can drive up the coast and explore more of Dalmatia. We have some of the oldest and biggest national parks in Europe, you can stay in tree houses in nature and hike up striking mountains. Croatia has so much to offer, considering it’s such a small country. You could even go as far as Istria, which is heaven for wine and truffle lovers. Did we mention we do Istria destination weddings as well?

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A more refined Guestlist

One of the main reasons couples will give you when you ask them why they opted for a destination wedding will be exactly this one. Often when you are planning a wedding at home, it will come with certain obligations of inviting people you don’t really spend time with usually. Perhaps it’s a cousin that invited you to their wedding 10 years ago, or a family friend that your Mom insists you invite. Choosing to go for a destination wedding abroad will certainly make these things easier for you.

It can be helpful if you want to make it an Adults Only Occasion

It is not easy bringing a small child to a wedding, and it’s even more difficult bringing a small child to a holiday. And as much as we all love children, sometimes you just want to have an adults only party, and that’s okay! If this is the route you want to take, planning a destination wedding might make this decision easier for the couples who have children. And they can also get some nice time together!

On the other hand, should there be cute little guests on your wedding, we can always help out with hiring animators and babysitters, creating kids corners and assisting the parents to enjoy the night.

Freedom & Independency

When you decide on your wedding destination and get in touch with your destination wedding planner – you are the one calling the shots. You are the one who is in contact with us and you are the one who is making all the decisions. When you are planning a local wedding, it is not uncommon for an Aunt to provide you with useful, but unwarranted advice. Sometimes you just want to be able to make all the choices yourself, and that’s completely fine. We will suggest you the best options, trustworthy vendors and professionals – but the choice is yours in the end. It’s your wedding day after all!

Pinterest & Instagram

Of course, we have to mention social media as well. Let’s face it – we live in a time where this is important to people. If you want to have a special, Pinterest wedding, there is no better way of doing that but by planning a destination wedding. A destination wedding in Croatia! All those amazing photos you’ve seen all over Pinterest and Instagram, you could be in one of them soon! These are exactly the kind of weddings that we create – we have the knowledge, skills, equipment, ideas and vision to make your dream come true. Everything you’d want we either have or we can find for you. Just show us your vision and we will incorporate it into your chosen venue. When Dubrovnik sea views meet international tradition, the blending of cultures creates destination wedding magic, whimsical floral arches, delicate embellishments and luxurious finishing touches.

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Scenery & Photo Opportunities at Trendsetting Locations

Connected to the last point, just imagine how amazing your wedding photos will be with the spectacular Croatian scenery in the background. The wedding venues in Croatia are extremely versatile: there’s something for those wanting luxury, as well as for those looking for rustic, boho elegance or a lush wedding. We can offer you all of this. Whether it’s the stunning coast line of one of the Croatian islands, or the magnificent Old city of Dubrovnik – you will not have to worry about your photo backdrop. Croatia is full of trendsetting, up & coming wedding venues. You can also do an additional photoshoot with your destination wedding photographer if you just can’t pick one spot!

When Sara and Michael reached out to us, it’s safe to say we were very surprised. We were in the middle of a global pandemic, just a few weeks before their desired date, with an ocean between us and we had never spoken before. But very quickly we realized how determined and passionate they were to make this happen – and we love nothing more than a challenge like this!

This wedding was truly an elopement in the full sense of the word. Michael lives in Canada, but his father was Croatian, which is why something kept pulling him here. He met Sara in her native Brazil and they knew right away that they were made for one another – even though they did not speak each other’s language. But they have definitely shown us there is not obstacle they can’t surpass.

With Michael learning Portuguese, and Sara learning English, they are now adding another language to this list: Croatian! In a few years, their end goal is to move and live here with their children. Both of them are in love with Croatia, and one of the reasons for this actually has nothing to do with real life Croatia, but the fictional one. Yes, we are talking about the world famous Game of Thrones. Dubrovnik being King’s Landing in the show, we had to look for a location just perfect for this.

It’s Different!

We all know that the most attractive things for us are the ones that are different from what we know. You might be sitting somewhere in a colder climate watching the rain through the window and thinking: ‘’This is exactly what I need, something different from this.’’ Well, that’s what Croatia has: the sun, the sea, the breeze! We have warm summers and warm sea, as well as a high number of sunny days in a year and low chance of rain.

Are you sitting there already imagining yourself at your Dubrovnik destination wedding? And probably most people you know got married at similar, or even the same venues, close to where you live. So why not be bold and do something completely different? Just imagine how memorable and special your wedding day would be to everyone!

Quality Time with the People you Love and without Distractions

Last but not least, traveling somewhere for your wedding will absolutely make you spend more time with those you love. You will be at the destination for numerous days, and no one will have distractions such as work or other obligations. You will have all the time in the world to dedicate not only to your guests, but also to each other. And in the end, this is the most important thing.

Another challenge we came across was the fact that we were not the only ones who saw the potential of this fortress – but this was for something else – another shooting! Around the same date, a sci fi movie was being filmed inside the fortress. This meant we couldn’t go with our initial choice of having the ceremony inside, but had to move it to the terrace. We worked around this and arranged timings with the crew – in the end it was exciting passing through a movie set while walking up to the stunning terrace. It gave it a special, almost ‘’behind the scenes’’ feeling, which worked perfectly with their Game of Thrones wishes.

Another wish they had was that their wedding was small – and because of Covid they decided that ‘’small’’ would mean ‘’just the two of us’’. It took away the pressure of explaining things to people, and gave them the opportunity to focus on the one thing that was important on that day – each other. Dubrovnik was there just for them – usually bustling with people and sometimes even overcrowded, on that day it was almost empty and a perfect blank canvas for their dream story.

Other than it being empty on the day, it was also rather windy. And wind in the streets is nothing compared to wind on top of a fortress! With the help of the brilliant Ivana from Le Salon, we made sure that everything was put in places where the wind couldn’t knock something over.

Because most of the ‘’flowers’’ were pampas grass, everything was flying around, but we chose to look for the positive in this – it almost looked like black and white snow, absolutely magical.

Other than the ceremony on top of the fortress, Sara and Michael got to stay and get ready in the amazing 5 star Valamar President Dubrovnik hotel. After a drive to the Old town, they took photos and videos with Martina & Denis walking through the streets of Dubrovnik. They went to the Rector’s Palace and the Jesuit steps. After the ceremony, photos were also taken in the bay beneath the fortress, and the evening was finished with dinner at the glorious Nautika restaurant, which conveniently overlooked their wedding venue – how special!

And it wasn’t special only for them, but also for us. It was the first, last, the one and only wedding we did in 2020. All of our weddings were postponed, and a few cancelled. The season wasn’t easy for anyone, but we tried to take advantage of this time and do some other things, like redoing the website and redecorating the office. And even though this was useful, being back out there and actually working with a couple on their day was the best feeling. We hope that we will feel it many more times in 2021. We hope that anyone reading this will also get to experience beautiful things in the coming year. Let’s all look ahead and leave 2020. behind.


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